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Tullochbeg Turkeys are a first generation family farm based in Huntly and produce Christmas Turkeys along with their cattle and sheep enterprises. The turkeys are purchased at one day old and are nurtured, reared and processed on their farm. The food miles to grow these lovely plump birds is minimal, as they are fed on Aberdeenshire grown cereals and supplements throughout their lifetime. As well as their turkey feed, they eat locally grown apples and our home grown forage crops. The birds are dry plucked and then game hung for a minimum of 10 days to allow the meat to mature and be extra tasty for your Christmas feast. Each bird comes oven ready, with giblets and a pop up thermometer to perfect the cooking time. Hung turkeys cook far quicker than traditionally processed turkeys.

Tullochbeg Oven Ready Turkey

SKU: 0008